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Home Savings Bank
Home Savings Bank is a community bank—the only mutual savings bank in Dane County. More than 10 employees work at Madison's green, East Washington branch.

Home Savings has worked diligently to strike a balance between operating successfully and protecting the environment. MGE's Green Power Tomorrow fits into that equation.

"We invest in the community where we work and live. We do this by hiring local workers, paying taxes, volunteering, educating customers and making wise decisions about our environment," said Jim Bradley, president. "Buying renewable energy is a simple way to have an impact—it's the smart choice to make."

At Home Savings, green efforts are part of the culture. Their Stoughton office, built in 1977, was the first active solar bank office in Wisconsin. "We are committed to reducing our 'environmental footprint' and have used the principles of the Natural Step to guide our actions in this important effort," said Bradley. The East Washington facility is LEED silver certified. Employees and customers notice and appreciate this quality.

"We get many compliments on the freshness of the air in our building and on the natural daylighting," Bradley said. "The features of our environmentally friendly building really create a pleasant environment."

Home Savings also is dedicated to educating others about the importance of protecting our natural environment.

"Community members who use our meeting room and customers have an opportunity to experience green design firsthand—we have signage explaining green features and our employees answer many questions," Bradley said. "This inspires visitors to take personal action—and that is a priceless benefit."
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Home Savings Bank
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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