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To the 14,000 Madison-area citizens who make use of the Goodman Community Center (formerly Atwood Community Center) each year, the facility is a great place to meet neighbors and participate in a wide variety of programs and activities. But with the opening of a new energy-efficient facility in September 2008, the Center has also become a hands-on way for the community to experience the reality of living green.

"We were extremely committed to making this facility as green as possible—both our building and our grounds," said Becky Steinhoff, executive director at the Goodman Community Center. "We have a daily opportunity to show kids the impact they have on the environment in ways that are meaningful to them and a chance to raise a generation of children who view their relationship with the earth in a different way."

"Teachable moments" abound. There are waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets, heat-free hand blowers and a building temperature that might require a sweater on a chilly day. "Our rain garden is an excellent tool for explaining the importance of preventing water runoff into the storm sewers and, eventually, the lakes," said Steinhoff. "The kids know that they don't want to swim in a lake that's full of algae."

The Center uses compact fluorescent lighting and green cleaning products. It has solar electricity and water heating—made possible with an MGE buyback program—its HVAC system is divided into zones and there are occupancy sensors that moderate room temperature. An energy recovery system makes sure hot air is recycled instead of going out the chimney stack.

The Center also participates in the Green Power Tomorrow Program. "This is just the right thing to do," said Steinhoff. "It lowers our utility bills and saves us energy. We're happy to have a utility partner who understands the role we can play in educating the public and takes an active part in providing renewable energy alternatives."

Thank you,
Goodman Community Center
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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