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Quince & Apple
Quince and Apple, a small-batch producer of artisan preserves, is committed to creating delicious foods from sustainable and, when possible, local ingredients. And while customers certainly appreciate the sweet and savory produce that goes into every bite, most probably don't know about one of the preserves' most important earth-friendly ingredients: renewable energy.

"Supporting green power fits in with the culture of our business," said Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld, who owns Quince and Apple along with her husband, Matt. "We want to be a force for sustainability, and this is an important way for us to do that."

The company participates at the Leader level which means 100% of its electricity comes from a combination of solar and wind power. Annually, this saves nearly two tons of coal and prevents six tons of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere—all for a little more than an extra ten spot a month. "Even on our tight budget, the cost is no big deal," said Stoner Fehsenfeld.

While Quince and Apple is currently very small—operations boil down to a few burners, an oven and a filling machine run by Clare, Matt and their seasonal employees—as it grows, sustainability will continue to be a key menu item for the company.

"We don't own our building and we haven't had to look at major equipment purchases to date, but as those issues come up, energy efficiency will be a critical factor in our decision making," said Stoner Fehsenfeld. "In the meantime, supporting renewable energy is one way that we can do our part."

Thank you,
Quince and Apple
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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