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Glide Disc Golf
When disc golf enthusiast Mike Batka decided to open Glide Disc Golf five years ago, he was taking on two challenges: launching a small business and doing so in an energy-efficient way. He met the first challenge with boundless enthusiasm, disc golf expertise and a location that's convenient to Madison's Hiestand Park–one of only two disc golf courses within Madison city limits (the other is at Elver Park). He's meeting the other through a number of earth-friendly steps, the most recent being his decision to choose green power for 100% of his electricity.

"Working in an outdoor sport, I'm constantly reminded of how critical it is to be stewards of the environment," Batka said. "I believe that businesses of every size can make a difference, and joining Green Power Tomorrow is an easy way to do that."

In addition to choosing renewable energy, Batka has made a number of changes in how he operates his business. He reconfigured and upgraded the lights in his store, installed a programmable thermostat–especially important given his three-day-a-week winter schedule–and unplugs his equipment when not in use. "When I moved into my current space in February 2012, the landlord gave me the option of having my utility bills included in the rent for $200 a month or being responsible for them myself," Batka said. "I chose to manage them myself, and some months the bill is half of what it would have been."

Batka has also made a strong commitment to "reduce/reuse/recycle." "Too often people think it's okay to make choices that aren't very earth-friendly as long as they recycle, but that's the least important element of the three."

To improve his own commitment to reduce and reuse, Batka recently decided to discontinue offering beverages in single-serving, plastic bottles in favor of carrying reusable, stainless steel water bottles; brings boxes and other packing materials to a local The UPS Store so they can be reused and participates in UPS's carbon neutral shipping program which allows customers to help UPS purchase carbon offsets on their shipping.

"We aren't doing anything earth-shattering, we're just trying to run our business the right way," Batka said. "Maybe our example will inspire someone else to give some of these things a try–it would be great if these were just how everyone does business."
Thank you,
Glide Disc Golf
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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