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Gateway Community Church
Church communities have long emphasized the importance of putting faith into action, and at a growing number of congregations, environmental protection is an increasingly common place to focus those efforts. "It's our responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation," said Paul Lundgren, pastor of Gateway Community Church (Gateway) in Middleton. "People have become more conscious of the fragility of the Earth and how critical it is for us to do our best to protect it."

One important way that Gateway does that is through support of Green Power Tomorrow (GPT). The church recently joined GPT at the partner level, which will eliminate more than three tons of carbon dioxide annually and cut the church's coal use by more than 1,700 pounds each year. "We felt it was important to support efforts to expand the use of renewable energy and that this was the best way to do it," Lundgren said.

Gateway makes a commitment to sustainability in other ways too. The church has stopped using Styrofoam at its events, sorts and recycles a variety of materials, uses a programmable thermostat – and keeps the building a bit warm in the summer and a bit cool in the winter – and uses green cleaning products. Gateway also has a community garden with 20 plots, and Lundgren makes it a point to bike to work whenever practical.

"There are many examples in the Scriptures where small choices had a big impact," Lundgren said. "We like to hope that our efforts will do just that."
Thank you,
Gateway Community Church
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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