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EZ Office Products
When businesses choose an office furniture and supplies resource, competitive prices and exceptional service are top priorities for most. Gary Molz, vice president at EZ Office Products, is working hard to add a third "must have" to that list: environmental friendliness.

"There can be a perception that running a 'green business' doesn't make sense financially, but it's actually the smartest way to long-term profitability," Molz said. "We try to show customers the economic value of sustainable choices."

One of EZ Office Products' own recent sustainable choices was to join the Green Power Tomorrow program at the Leader level. The company now gets 100% of its electricity from renewable power, a choice that will eliminate 28 tons of carbon dioxide and nearly 20,000 pounds of coal each year. "We're always looking for ways to cut our carbon footprint and joining Green Power Tomorrow was the logical next step," said Molz.

The company factors environmental impact into every business decision. EZ Office Products has expanded its warehouse space twice since opening its doors in 2006 and has worked hard to ensure that size upgrades didn't drive a parallel increase in energy use. "We joined the Mpower Madison program, and that helped us pinpoint additional ways to save energy. Our electrical bill today is actually less than it was in a smaller space," said Molz.

EZ Office Products also works hard to make it easy for its customers to be environmentally friendly. It combines shipments to reduce box waste, delivers using its own trucks to improve route efficiency and picks up and recycles virtually any office product or packing material including boxes, light bulbs, batteries and electronic equipment.

"Most companies have evaluated things like energy use or manufacturing issues, but office waste is an area where our country lags behind," Molz said. "For instance, few people know that toner cartridges represent the most significant negative environmental impact in the average office."

To address that, the company recently launched a "whole system" toner cartridge program that creates a continuous loop between manufacturers and consumers and keeps the many components of a toner cartridge out of the waste cycle.

EZ Office Products also has made a strong commitment to the "buy local" movement and works with regional manufacturers such as Flambeau River Papers and battery manufacturer Rayovac. It recently decided to offer its own brand of office products, and 85% of the products in this line are made in the United States.

"Our goal is to run our business in a way that's as sustainable as possible and to help our customers do the same," Molz said. "It's a mission we take very seriously.
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EZ Office Products
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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