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Madison Instruments, Inc.
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Madison Instruments, Inc., designs, sells, supports and services scientific instruments for various industries. The Madison-based company serves customers locally and internationally.

Through MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program, 100% of the electricity Madison Instruments purchases is produced by renewable sources like wind and solar.

"It's critical that we cut our dependence on foreign oil," said Paul Hinahara, an owner of Madison Instruments. "Using renewable energy produced here and conserving energy when possible are good strategies."

This philosophy is important to Madison Instruments' customers too.

"We also developed a line of efficient, quality-control instruments for coffee roasters," Hinahara said. "Green processes and sustainability are high priorities in this industry."

Additionally, Madison Instruments follows a strict recycling policy – going beyond national requirements to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.

"Instead of taking the easy way out and tossing unusable materials in the trash, we take the time to dismantle equipment, sort the metal and provide it to a metal recycler," Hinahara said. "A small effort can go a long way."
Thank you,
Madison Instruments, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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