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Old Sugar Distillery
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Old Sugar Distillery
Old Sugar Distillery produces a variety of spirits from scratch including brandy, rum and whiskey. Products are sold to distributors in 12 states as well as to patrons who visit the downtown Madison business. Spirits also can be purchased online.

As a green-minded company, Old Sugar Distillery participates in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program. A portion of the electricity the distillery buys is produced from renewable sources.

"This is a great program," said Nathan Greenawalt, owner. "It's important to be environmentally conscious, and Green Power Tomorrow is one way we can do that."

Old Sugar Distillery customers value the company's commitment to incorporating green practices into daily activities.

In addition to renewable energy, Old Sugar Distillery purchases domestically manufactured glass which eliminates shipping from another country. The company uses water for cooling in its fermenting equipment rather than a typical glycol system which requires a lot of energy. And, Old Sugar Distillery operates its business in a building that has a solar electric system on the roof.

"Decisions about energy are very important," Greenawalt said. "At Old Sugar Distillery, we are dedicated to making environmentally friendly choices and supporting other green businesses."
Thank you,
Old Sugar Distillery
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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