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Latitude Graphics encourages customers to use its screen-printing services and "experience a world of excellence." The company also believes supporting green power is a way to experience a cleaner tomorrow.

"We have a comprehensive recycling program in place and we practice other energy-saving behaviors, but we wanted to do something more," said Eric Padrutt, owner of Latitude Graphics. "We decided to install a solar electric system so we could produce clean energy from the sun right here at our facility."

Latitude Graphics joined MGE's Clean Power Partners program and sells the solar power it generates to MGE. This clean energy is then rolled into MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program and purchased by customers who choose to support renewable energy.

"After the solar was installed, we took the next step and signed up for Green Power Tomorrow," Padrutt said. "The two programs supplement each other and offer a way for customers to make a significant impact."

Through Green Power Tomorrow, Latitude Graphics is eliminating about 32 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

"Making these choices takes our commitment to renewable resources to the next level," Padrutt said. "Screen printing requires a lot of energy, and buying renewable is one way we can help offset the negative effects of our energy use."

Latitude Graphics is starting to let customers know how the company incorporates green practices into its daily activities.

"I expect they will appreciate this philosophy," Padrutt said. "Many of our customers value the environment and try to make decisions that will preserve it."
Thank you,
Latitude Graphics
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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