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Full Spectrum Solar
Full Spectrum Solar is a solar energy contractor in the Madison area. The company designs and installs solar electric and thermal systems for homeowners, businesses and multifamily developers.

"We have seen a growing interest in solar from smaller businesses with up to 20 employees, which is similar in size to our business," said Burke O'Neal, co-owner of Full Spectrum Solar. "They realize the economic payback with solar may be longer, but their passion to do something for the environment outweighs that cost."

"That is how we feel," O'Neal added. "We started our company in 2002 because we wanted to do something environmentally meaningful and important. Signing up for Green Power Tomorrow was another step we took that fits our ideology."

Full Spectrum Solar has a solar electric array at its downtown Madison facility, but it does not produce enough energy to offset 100% of the company's electric use.

"We joined Green Power Tomorrow to be sure that any additional electricity we need is produced from a renewable source," O'Neal said.

"This philosophy has really resonated with our customers," he added. "We are showing them that even if their home is in a shady location that is not ideal for a solar system, they have the option to make an impact by buying green energy from MGE."

Full Spectrum Solar's commitment to the environment is evident in its newly renovated facility, which features a solar awning, high-efficiency boiler system with radiant heat, natural daylighting, super-insulated walls and ceiling and salvaged bamboo flooring.

"We also have a nighttime ventilation system for cooling that allowed us to use air conditioning only five days last summer," O'Neal said.

Full Spectrum Solar implemented a comprehensive recycling program and has gone above and beyond to find reuses for materials that do not have a big market. Employees use cloth hand towels in the restroom and are rewarded for biking to work or using public transportation.

"We likely could have built or renovated a facility in another location for less money," O'Neal said. "However, we strategically selected downtown Madison so most of our employees would have a two-mile-or-less commute to work. This makes it more likely and easier for them to walk or bike to work."
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Full Spectrum Solar
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