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Bradshaw - Knight Foundation, Inc.
- Leader
The Bradshaw-Knight Foundation, Inc., supports organizations that are dedicated to improving land stewardship, organic agriculture and land conservation, restoration and preservation. Since 1999, Bradshaw-Knight has awarded $4 million to projects that are consistent with its mission.

MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program goes hand in hand with that philosophy – making it a good fit for Bradshaw-Knight.

"We need to take responsibility for helping create a future where clean energy is available and affordable for everyone," said Jay Knight from Bradshaw-Knight. "By participating in MGE's program, we are playing a role in research and development that will have an impact for future generations."

Consistent with their promotion of human scale communities, Bradshaw-Knight has chosen to locate their office in downtown Madison where employees can walk to work. Their purchase of green power for the office will eliminate about seven tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

"It is an easy, effective way to promote sustainability and the preservation of ecological health," Knight said.

Bradshaw-Knight routinely works to be as efficient and green as possible. This includes recycling waste materials and walking to work.
Thank you,
Bradshaw - Knight Foundation, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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