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Dane County Regional Airport
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Dane County Regional Airport
The Dane County Regional Airport is located on Madison's northeast side. One hundred commercial flights depart and arrive daily, serving 1.6 million passengers each year with nonstop service to 14 major cities and connections to anywhere in the world.

The airport is committed to being a role model in the community for implementing environmentally friendly strategies.

"Buying green power from MGE helps achieve that goal," said Bradley Livingston, AAE, airport director. "By joining Green Power Tomorrow, we are eliminating more than 1,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year."

Airport staff also think green during construction. A prairie-style terminal building, completed in 2006, was built with environmentally friendly materials. Green features include a design that takes advantage of natural lighting, a building automation system that dims lights and modifies heating and cooling in unused areas, a chiller that makes ice at night when demand for electricity is typically lower and landscaping that is water efficient.

The airport's new parking facility features solar panels that not only provide green power but are a visible reminder to thousands of people each day that solar power is a smart option for our community.

"Respecting the environment is part of our culture here in the Madison and Dane County area," Livingston said. "There are things we can all do to be green—in our commercial buildings and in our homes."
Thank you,
Dane County Regional Airport
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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