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Burnie's Rock Shop
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Burnie's Rock Shop
Since it opened its doors in 1963, Burnie's Rock Shop has been the area's premier resource for what it describes as "elements": gemstones, fossils, minerals, jewelry and more. And while both expert and amateur gemologists, geologists and mineralogists have long delighted in the treasures found on Burnie's shelves, the shop works hard to ensure its operations aren't just beautiful but earth-friendly.

"We are very committed to sustainability and try to factor that into all our business decisions," said Lezlie Schoenhard, one of the store's managers.

The latest example: joining Green Power Tomorrow (GPT). A participant at the Major Partner level, Burnie's will offset nearly 11,000 tons of coal annually through its use of renewable energy and also prevent 16 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the environment. "Supporting renewable energy is very much in line with our mission and we're excited to join the program," said Schoenhard.

Other examples of the store's ongoing commitment to sustainability include avoiding extra packaging on purchases, switching all store lighting to lower watt bulbs and offering carefully sourced products—for instance, the store's choice to carry vegan ivory tagua nuts, a material that can be used to create "ivory" jewelry and statues without cutting down trees or killing elephants.

Roughly a third of store employees routinely bike to work, and Schoenhard lobbied the city to install a bike rack outside the store to make it easier for Johnson Street employees and customers to use two-wheel transportation. Burnie's also has programmable thermostats, uses awnings to help regulate building temperature throughout the year and doubles up its buying/selling shows to optimize energy used for travel.

"Our staff has a shared love of the earth, and our efforts are geared toward preserving and protecting it," said Schoehard. "Being able to support renewable energy is very much in keeping with what we're trying to accomplish."
Thank you,
Burnie's Rock Shop
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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