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Children's Dental Center of Madison
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Children's Dental Center of Madison
Children's Dental Center of Madison offers pediatric dental care for children of all ages – infants through teens. Patients include many youth from Dane County Head Start as well as children who are physically or developmentally disabled.

The dental practice values the environment and understands that today's actions directly affect the future.

"Purchasing renewable energy from MGE is one strategy we have chosen to help preserve the environment," said Dr. Eric teDuits. "By opting for green power, we pay a little more, but in turn we reduce harmful air emissions. It feels good to do our part."

Children's Dental Center's participation in Green Power Tomorrow does make a difference. Their efforts eliminate the need to burn more than 7,000 pounds of coal and prevent about 11 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

The company also is installing solar panels at its newest building in Fitchburg.

"Eco-friendly actions are essential and the responsibility of everyone," teDuits said. "We rely on power to run our businesses and homes. It makes good sense to explore options and get that power from a cleaner source."

The staff's commitment to the environment extends beyond electricity. Employees follow strict recycling procedures and carpool when possible. In addition, flexible work schedules often allow them to reduce driving overall. A geothermal heat pump system provides heating and cooling for the building.
Thank you,
Children's Dental Center of Madison
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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