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Springfield Storage Condominium
Springfield Storage Condominium is a climate-controlled storage complex offering storage units for rent or sale. Customers include individuals who want a place to keep their personal belongings to small businesses that need extra warehouse space.

"Heating and cooling these units demands a lot of energy," said Jim Wills, owner of Springfield Storage. "While we need this energy to run our business, we want to make sure we do our part to preserve the environment at the same time."

The company started by installing a solar photovoltaic system and selling the power it produces back to MGE. That green energy is rolled into MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program and purchased by customers who choose to support renewable energy. Springfield Storage is one of those customers.

"We signed up for Green Power Tomorrow, and we pay a little extra on our bills," Wills said. "This is one simple way we can make a positive impact."

Wills also hopes customers will appreciate his environmentally friendly values.

"If a potential customer compares our storage space to another with similar rent, I can see them choosing us because we actively support the environment," Wills said. "Now that is a definite win-win."

Making green choices has been a company value from the beginning. Wills used recycled concrete for the base of his storage development.
Thank you,
Springfield Storage Condominium
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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