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Badger Cab Company
An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to share a ride with others. Badger Cab Company helps customers do just that. Badger Cab provides a shared-ride transportation service. An affordable alternative to conventional taxi service, Badger Cab transports multiple passengers that share a common route – and in turn offers passengers a lower fare. The company also provides three types of package delivery service. Badger Cab has been serving the Madison area since 1946.

Badger Cab has a history of making environmentally friendly choices. Since 1980, the company has fueled its fleet with clean-burning propane.

"With our drivers traveling more than three million miles per year, we realize that using a clean fuel to power our cabs is a way we can make a significant impact," said Tom Melms, owner. "And, buying renewable energy for our two Madison facilities is an effective way we can extend our commitment to the environment."

"We choose to invest in the community we have served for many years," Melms added. "That's why we are proud to be actively participating in efforts like MGE's Green Power Tomorrow and Clean Power Partners."

Badger Cab recently installed solar systems at its facilities and sells the power generated back to MGE. The renewable energy is then purchased by customers as part of Green Power Tomorrow.

The company also practices conservation by regularly turning off lights and equipment that are not being used.

"Plus, we heat our garage with waste oil," Melms said. "We will continue to look for new ideas and implement innovative practices that contribute to a greener environment."
Thank you,
Badger Cab Company
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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