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City Row Apartments
City Row Apartments is a new, affordable housing complex on Madison's near east side. The three-building, 83-unit project is home to a variety of individuals and families, including many who are entering the workforce or in the military.

Supplementing its many green features, City Row Apartments is also a Green Power Tomorrow participant.

"We are buying some renewable energy from MGE for City Row," said Rich Arnesen, vice president of Stone House Development, Inc., the project's developer. "It seemed to be a logical step in our extensive effort to develop a green, energy-efficient complex."

City Row features ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances, energy-efficient lighting, low-emissivity windows, solar panels, high-efficiency condensing boilers and insulation levels that exceed standards. These features helped City Row Apartments become Wisconsin's first ENERGY STAR-qualified high-rise apartment building – only the 17th in the country to achieve this distinction.

"When we began planning this project, we wanted to incorporate green techniques to make it extremely energy efficient," Arnesen said. "Our hope going forward is that others – from our tenants to developers and other businesses – will see the benefits of making green choices during construction, choosing clean energy for operations and conserving when possible."

"Choosing the proper design, materials, products and generation sources all contributed to the final product," Arnesen said. "And we expect to save more than $123,000 per year in energy costs."
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City Row Apartments
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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