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Dane County Humane Society
Chances are, when you are looking to welcome a new four-legged best friend into your family, your first stop is likely Dane County Humane Society (DCHS).

From its headquarters on Voges Road in Madison, DCHS provides animal intake, care, adoption and medical services, wildlife rehabilitation, humane education and community outreach in south-central Wisconsin. Customers include community members and animal lovers from Dane County and surrounding areas. About 60 individuals are employed at DCHS.

DCHS buys some renewable energy to operate its facility from MGE.

"It's a logical choice," said Gayle Viney from DCHS. "Participating in Green Power Tomorrow benefits the environment by offsetting our carbon dioxide emissions."

By supporting green energy, DCHS eliminates the need to burn more than 28,000 pounds of coal and prevents about 42 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

DCHS practices a variety of energy conservation habits, including turning down thermostats at night and using motion sensors to turn off unneeded lights.

"We also are working to eradicate invasive plant species on our property and rehabilitate native Wisconsin wildlife," Viney said. "From clean energy to recycling and other sustainability strategies, when we all are on the same team, we can accomplish great things for our environment."
Thank you,
Dane County Humane Society
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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