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H&H Solar Energy Services, Inc.
As a solar electric and solar thermal installation contractor for both residential and commercial buildings, H&H Solar Energy Services, Inc., is on the front lines when it comes to creating a more energy-efficient world. "It's important to us to do more than just install equipment," said Chris Collins, marketing director at H&H who's also a certified site assessor. "When we go into a home or business, we take a two pronged approach: first we try to show ways they could be saving energy and then we educate them on the best choices for renewable energy."

With incentives and energy savings, people are discovering that choices that are good for the environment are more likely than ever to be good for their bottom line too. "Many commercial projects have a return on investment that is 10 years or less," said Collins.

In recent years, renewable energy has become an increasingly common part of the customer discussion. "Solar installations have become quite popular and we're also doing wind installations," said Collins. "People recognize that there is a finite amount of fossil fuel and that we have to find other sources of energy. Renewable energy is a topic that isn't going away."

In order to have firsthand experience with solar energy, H&H Solar Energy Services recently decided to install solar panels at its facility. The 9.5-kilowatt awning-mount solar electric system will produce about 11,400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year or more than enough to power the average home which uses 8,000 to 10,000 kWh annually. H&H Solar Energy Services also joined MGE's Clean Power Partner Program which means that energy created by its system will be fed into MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program and provide renewable energy for program participants. Power generated by the system will offset 13 tons of carbon dioxide per year and 10,800 pounds of coal annually.

"Customers like having the chance to see the solar installation at work and appreciate knowing we've actually used a system that we might be recommending to them," said Collins. "We want to help our customers make intelligent choices, and we also want to do our part to support renewable energy. Being a Clean Power Partner helps us do both.
Thank you,
H&H Solar Energy Services, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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