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Monroe Street Family Dental
Most patients probably don't put "green office practices" at the top of the list when they're choosing a dentist, but Dr. Benjamin Farrow, dentist and owner at Monroe Street Family Dental on Madison's near-west side, thinks it might be a good time to start.

"An environmentally conscious practice makes sense on so many levels—including patient health," said Farrow.

Achieving what might seem to be contradictory goals of eliminating waste and saving energy while maintaining the highest infection control protocols, is actually relatively easy. The office maintains electronic medical records, puts wastewater through an amalgam separator to remove mercury and, when possible, selects dental equipment that can be reused.

"We've gone back to some 'old-fashioned' techniques," said Farrow. "Instead of using chemicals for sterilization, we use steam—which is actually the method recommended by many manufacturers. We're not putting harmful chemicals into the water system and there's no toxic chemical residue on the equipment. And when we do need disposable products, we try to buy those with minimal packaging."

The practice uses digital X-rays, which reduces patient radiation exposure and eliminates the chemicals and film needed for traditional X-rays. Other environmentally friendly choices include a floor covered with biodegradable plant-based marmoleum, refurbished furniture, and, most recently, joining Green Power Tomorrow.

"As a building tenant, with a confined space, I can't make some of the big changes that I might if I were an owner, like installing solar panels, but I can take smaller steps in areas like lighting and energy," said Farrow.

Monroe Street Family Dental participates in Green Power Tomorrow at the Leader level which will reduce its carbon dioxide levels by 20 tons per year and its coal use by more than 13,000 pounds annually.

"All of our choices have an impact on the world around us, and supporting renewable energy is one way that I can make a positive difference," said Farrow. "It's just the right thing to do."
Thank you,
Monroe Street Family Dental
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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