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Top Hat Fireplace and Chimney
With two showrooms that each boasts more than 70 working fireplaces and wood stoves, it could be logical to assume that Top Hat Fireplace and Chimney has a fairly narrow range of expertise. But dig a little deeper and you'll find the company is an excellent resource for a wide range of energy systems.

"Our entire business is predicated on delivering super-efficient, clean, alternative energy," said Top Hat owner Roy Mjelde. "The stoves and fireplaces are a big part of that, but we also offer solar energy, multi-fuel boilers and geothermal."

As prices for alternative-energy systems have gone down and customer interest in them has gone up, Top Hat has worked diligently to ensure its staff can help guide customers to the system that's best for them. "Both our showroom staff and our installers have gone through extensive training," said Mjelde. "Whether we're dealing with new construction or an update, our team has the skills and tools to help customers evaluate their options."

To ensure it had firsthand experience with solar energy, Top Hat installed a 10-kilowatt solar system at its showroom and became part of MGE's Clean Power Partner Program, which means that energy generated by its system is fed right into the grid. "This gives customers a chance to see an installation firsthand, plus we can use our data to show them typical cost savings and carbon reduction," said Mjelde. "We're excited to be a resource for renewable energy."

In addition to the critical role it plays by helping customers choose energy-efficient systems, Top Hat also tries to make smart energy decisions for itself. The company uses LED lighting in its showroom—a choice that's more efficient than other lighting options and also saves energy because it generates less heat and reduces the need for air-conditioning. "LED color choices used to be a lot more limited, but now we can get the warm colors we need in the showroom," said Mjelde. "Between the energy we're saving with LED and the energy we're generating with the solar installation, we can cover about half of our building's electric needs."

Top Hat also groups its customer service runs to save fuel and has a free one-year tune-up program for its customers. "Properly maintained equipment can save up to 10% on fuel bills, and we schedule the follow-up right at the installation to get people into good habits," said Mjelde. "It doesn't cost a lot to be more efficient, and if we all do our part, we can make a huge difference."
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Top Hat Fireplace & Chimney
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