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"You don't have to own a house to care about using energy wisely."

It's a message that Carmen Porco, CEO of Housing Ministries of American Baptist in Wisconsin—an organization that provides a variety of resources to low-income Madison residents, including housing—believes most people aren't hearing.

"There's a misconception that the decision to be an environmental steward is determined solely by socioeconomic status, and it just isn't true," said Porco. "Educate people and show them how they can make a difference, and you'll find that income level isn't the deciding factor."

Porco has been with Housing Ministries for 30 years and speaks from firsthand experience. "Whenever we make changes to our facilities, we're very diligent about letting our residents and employees know what we're doing and why. They appreciate that our conservation efforts help to keep their bills lower and help to protect the environment too."

Upgrades during Porco's tenure have included improved insulation, water- restricting plumbing, energy-efficient windows and lighting and facility-wide caulking and sealing. And now he's taking his efforts in a new direction as a member of Green Power Tomorrow.

Porco's group has joined the renewable energy program at the Partner level, which will mean 16 tons less carbon dioxide generation per year and a nearly 11,000-pound cut in coal use. They also installed electric solar panels at their Northport Packers Apartment complex. "We're producing about 15 to 20 percent of our electricity with the panels at present," said Porco.

In the years to come, Porco hopes green power can be both a way to cut pollution and utility costs and something much more: an instrument for social justice. "Just think how incredible it would be if our facilities could create sufficient renewable power to achieve energy independence for our buildings and be a producing part of the grid. We could generate jobs and income to help our residents toward a better life while being stewards of the earth."
Thank you,
Packers Apartment Corporation
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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