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Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Franklin Energy Services, LLC, designs and implements energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for utilities and government agencies. Over 215 employees serve in roles of program management, engineering, marketing, information technology and finance. The firm is headquartered in Port Washington, Wisconsin, and currently has 16 staff members at the company's Madison location.

Franklin Energy Services offsets about 10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year through full participation in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program.

"On behalf of our utility clients, we encourage end-use customers to save energy and use fewer resources," said Laurie Lensmire, project coordinator. "We like to practice what we preach. Buying green energy is one way we can partner with MGE and demonstrate our sincere commitment to the environment."

"Our staff is very true to our corporate philosophy," she added. "Energy-saving, environmentally friendly strategies, like Green Power Tomorrow, are the ones we recommend, that we exercise at work and that we practice at home."

Franklin Energy Services continues to look for new ways to encourage its employees to step up their efforts. The company recently established a sustainability committee with a mission of continually reducing the company's carbon footprint.

"The goal of this initiative is for us to challenge coworkers to make an effort to use public transportation or cut back on their energy use," Lensmire said. "It is another way we follow through on our commitment to make a difference by doing."
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Franklin Energy Services, LLC
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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