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Krupp General Contractors LLC
Krupp General Contractors LLC is a full-service construction management company that offers site analysis, design and budget consulting and complete turnkey development services. Based in Madison, Krupp General Contractors provides services to expanding businesses around the state. Specialty projects include corporate offices, retail centers, restaurants, medical buildings, mixed-use residential structures, condos, apartments and senior housing.

Krupp General Contractors recently built a 74,600-square-foot administrative office building on University Bay Drive in Madison. The company buys some renewable energy from MGE for this four-story facility.

"This office building is extremely green," said Paul Lenhart, Krupp General Contractors president and CEO. "We generate photovoltaic energy with a solar system on the roof which goes hand in hand with us participating in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program."

The facility was constructed with green building materials. It includes an energy-efficient heating/cooling system, a rain garden, a green water collection system and sunshades. It is expected to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification at the platinum level from the United States Green Building Council.

"Supporting renewable energy and implementing other environmentally friendly strategies makes an enormous difference to many people and our clients, especially in the Madison area," Lenhart said. "Business people are in tune with current green issues, and they expect those they work with to have those same values."

Krupp General Contractors encourages green building in other projects and goes the extra mile to exceed requirements and appropriately manage waste on construction sites.

"For the University Bay Drive project, we recycled nearly 88% of all construction waste, and that included demolition of existing buildings," Lenhart said. "It's no longer an issue in question—protecting the environment is simply what we all should do."
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Krupp General Contractors LLC
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