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JBM Patrol and Protection Corporation
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JBM Patrol and Protection Corporation is a contract protective services company offering uniformed security guards, vehicle patrol and emergency response. The staff at JBM's Madison location serves businesses throughout the area.

JBM is an advocate for the environment, making the company a good fit for MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program. JBM purchases 100% renewable energy.

"It is our responsibility to use fewer resources and make decisions now that will enhance the future," said Jim Mankowski, president. "Sure, renewable energy costs more, but the impact it can make outweighs such factors."

To keep up with the latest technology and continue as an industry leader, JBM launched a continuous improvement and quality assurance initiative.

"While this strategy applies to training staff and the services we offer, it also carries through to our commitment to the environment," Mankowski said. "We want to be ahead of the curve and will continue to look for new ways we can improve our environmental footprint."

JBM enforces a strict recycling process in the office. The company uses recycled materials, tries to reduce waste and cleans with natural products.

"It is an ongoing process to educate others and encourage them to make green choices in their businesses operations—this is a goal we make with our customers," Mankowski said. "Working together, our individual efforts can really add up."
Thank you,
JBM Patrol and Protection Corporation
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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