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Community Pharmacy
With a mission statement that strives "to maintain a humane workplace and minimize our impact on the environment," it's no surprise that Community Pharmacy is a long-time Green Power Tomorrow partner.

Founded in 1972, Community Pharmacy has always taken a green approach to business. "We've recycled since Day One, and we've made a commitment to repairing instead of replacing. We've always tried to run our business in a very conscious way," said Jackie Nickolaus, who leads Community Pharmacy's Merchandising Team.

The decision to participate in the Green Power Tomorrow program was a logical complement to existing business practices. "It went hand in hand with who we are," said Nickolaus. "We always try to be energy efficient and globally aware, so it makes sense for us to be less dependent on gas and oil and to support alternative energy sources like wind."

Walk through the store and other efforts to run a sustainable business can be found on nearly every shelf. The store recently decided to stop selling water bottled in plastic, uses energy-efficient fluorescent lighting and keeps close tabs on how it manages the building temperature. When possible, Community Pharmacy uses bike couriers to deliver orders, cloth hand towels in its bathrooms and recycled materials for shelf and window displays. Perhaps most importantly, the store considers a variety of environmental criteria before stocking an item.

"The choices we make aren't always easy," said Nickolaus. "But we do think they're worth it."
Thank you,
Community Pharmacy
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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