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Oak Park Terrace
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Oak Park Terrace
Oak Park Terrace is a manufactured housing community situated among mature oak trees on the northeast side of Madison. Young families, students, seniors and a range of others reside in this 400-unit residential area.

Oak Park Terrace buys renewable energy for its office facility from MGE.

"We fully participate in Green Power Tomorrow – paying a little extra to power our business with clean energy," said Sue Trautlein, manager. "It would be great if the whole community would step up and join in this effort."

By participating in Green Power Tomorrow, Oak Park Terrace is preventing about four tons of carbon dioxide emissions and eliminating the need to burn nearly 3,000 pounds of coal each year.

"I have five children and grandchildren too," Trautlein said. "I want them to have a well-preserved environment. And I can have an impact by making smart choices today about the energy we use here."

In addition, Oak Park Terrace recycles regularly and gathers leaves and grass clippings to use in compost the City currently collects.

Oak Park Terrace is looking toward the future in building a compost area for its residents.

"Starting a composting collection in the future to help others recycle their leaves and grass clippings is not out of the question," Trautlein said. "Every little bit helps."
Thank you,
Oak Park Terrace
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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