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Center For Resilient Cities
Sustainability may be the buzzword du jour in environmental circles, but Tom Dunbar, executive director for the Center for Resilient Cities—a nonprofit organization that helps communities create and preserve environmentally, socially and economically healthy cities—thinks it's more important to focus on resilience. "Unless we have the ability to adapt, the best management practices don't do us much good when we're faced with change."

Dunbar believes one of the most important ways to achieve resilience is by taking a hard look at energy usage. "We need both to reduce the amount of energy we use and consider our energy sources."

With that in mind, the group's Madison office recently joined the Green Power Tomorrow program at the Leader level. It's a choice that will save 11 tons of carbon dioxide and over 7,000 pounds of coal each year. "We actively promote renewable energy to our communities; it is important that we are supporting it ourselves," said Dunbar.

Other earth-friendly commitments at the group's office include teleconferencing, using recycled paper products, creating an electronic newsletter and annual report and using social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter to promote special events. Plus, the group recently made a concerted effort to decrease their electrical usage by turning off computers and monitors at the end of the workday and took second place in nonprofit IT resource Tech Soup's "Unpower Yourself" IT energy-saving contest.

While the Center for Resilient Cities' efforts to save energy at its facility are certainly laudable, the group is making an even bigger impact in the community. For instance, their most recent project, the Resilience Center, will integrate a project-based charter middle school, a neighborhood center, intensive urban agriculture and a neighborhood-oriented commercial space using a wide range of recycled building materials that conserve water and energy. "We're pulling together an integrated project team to develop a building that's energy efficient and an excellent environment for learning," said Dunbar. "We hope this can become a demonstration site for the community and a way for them to see resilience in action."
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Center For Resilient Cities
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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