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Door Creek Dental
Walk into Door Creek Dental and you'll find so many examples of earth-friendly office management that it will come as no surprise to learn the practice recently decided to add "support renewable energy" to its list.

"It's just second nature for us to be conscious of the environment," said Jill Korfmacher, office manager at Door Creek Dental. "The members of our staff are always looking for ways to improve on an individual level, and as an office, so joining Green Power Tomorrow was a natural next step."

The office is a member at the Leader level, and their participation will offset 110 tons of carbon dioxide and eliminate use of more than 74,000 tons of coal each year.

Other green practices include recycling all office supplies, creating patient "welcome bags" from post-consumable products and stocking the employee kitchen with non-disposable dishes and silverware and filtered water instead of bottled.

Door Creek Dental has programmable thermostats throughout the office and keeps its temperatures a bit lower than many offices. "We have special blankets for the patients to use during procedures so we can make sure they're comfortable while we conserve energy," said Korfmacher.

To minimize solar gain, all windows are covered with light-filtering film and have adjustable blinds. And to save water, the building has low-flow toilets and motion sensor faucets that only run when users wave their hands under them.

Good lighting is critical in the exam rooms and operatories, so the practice worked with MGE to ensure their high-efficiency lighting delivered excellent light quality. Each room has multiple switches, linked to multi-bulb fixtures, to ensure optimum lighting flexibility and motion sensors and timed external lights round out the lighting category.

Door Creek Dental is also in the midst of completing its transition to a completely electronic office. "This will save paper and keep plastic (from X-ray film processing) out of the landfill," said Korfmacher.

Korfmacher credits Door Creek Dental staff for their commitment. "When we moved into this building five years ago, there was an active push to find ways to run the new office in earth friendly ways. Whether they're recycling, working to create a paperless office or carpooling to work, our team is completely dedicated. Everyone understands how important it is for each person to do their part—and the difference that every small change can make."
Thank you,
Door Creek Dental
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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