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The Seafood Center is a locally owned and operated retail seafood market that offers fresh and frozen fish, deli items and fish-and-chips dinners to go. Twenty employees staff the store on Madison's west side.

Participating in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program is a good fit for the company and in line with its sustainability values.

"Many of our products come from the wild – they are caught in the ocean," said Scott Kennedy, owner. "We need to make sure those products continue to be available in the future, so sustainability is very important to us."

"The same holds true for the environment," Kennedy added. "We want to make sure it is clean and green in the future. Supporting renewable energy helps achieve that goal."

Through full participation in Green Power Tomorrow, the Seafood Center is eliminating the need to burn more than 81,000 pounds of coal per year.

The company also makes environmentally friendly choices in daily operations. Staff makes an effort to be very aware of lighting – turning off lights that are not in use. The company also uses an energy-efficient ventilation system and regularly recycles materials.
Thank you,
Seafood Center
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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