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James A. Lord, DDS
- Major Partner
Think dental practice and the first color that comes to mind is "pearly white," but Middleton dentist James A. Lord is working diligently to make green a close second. "As responsible citizens, we all need to find ways to minimize our fossil fuel consumption and try to live in a more earth-friendly way," said Lord. "And that's why we decided to join Green Power Tomorrow."

Lord's office is participating at the program's Major Partner level and will cut over 200 tons of carbon dioxide and 142,507 pounds of coal per year.

In addition to supporting renewable energy, the practice works green in a number of other ways, starting with its building. Energy efficiency drove decisions on everything from the HVAC system to windows, insulation levels and even building location. "We positioned the office so that the operatories were on the northeast side to optimize sunlight and minimize solar gain," said Lord.

Thoughtful lighting design also helps cut energy use. Most of the building's lights are fluorescent and motion sensors control lighting in hallways and stairwells. Operatory lights are on a two-bank system which gives each room occupant the option to use no lights, half the lights or all the lights. "This helps us make conscious choices about how much light we really need for any given situation," said Lord.

A programmable thermostat aligns energy usage with building occupancy levels, and HVAC checks in the spring and fall ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency.

Infection control standards limit what can be reused or recycled, but the practice is conscientious about recycling any materials it can. All paper documents are shredded and recycled, and electronic patient records and insurance billing help to minimize paper waste.

"If we each take a look at our own part of the world, it's easy to find ways to be more energy conscious—whether it's riding a bike to work, having a smaller car or making changes around your home," said Lord. "If we each do a little bit, we can have a huge impact."
Thank you,
James A. Lord, DDS
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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