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bad dog frida
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bad dog frida
With a name like bad dog frida, you can guess this is not your ordinary pet store. bad dog frida offers unique and clever products and more than a little whimsy from a variety of artists and manufacturers for people and their pets. The retail store in Madison attracts local pet owners, while the company's online store draws customers from around the country.

The company's core mission is to honor dogs and the joy they bring to humans. They do what they can to support and promote rescue organizations as well. bad dog frida also realizes the importance of preserving the environment. The company purchases 100% green power for its retail facility from MGE.

"It was a simple decision," said Carmen Alcalde, owner. "When you have the option to use renewable energy, you should. It is the right thing to do."

Many of bad dog frida's customers appreciate the company's green commitment.

"More and more people recognize the responsibility we each have to protect the earth – and they value those who voluntarily make an extra effort," Alcalde said. "Green Power Tomorrow is a great vehicle businesses can use to make that extra effort."

bad dog frida recycles as many materials as possible in the retail store and sells green products including hemp collars, bamboo leashes, do-it-yourself dog bed kits that use old textiles as filler and biodegradable waste bags.
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bad dog frida
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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