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Staff members at Madison Chiropractic North have long stressed the link between a patient's actions and environment and their body's ability to heal. "Everything from diet to exercise to the chemicals we ingest through our food and the environment—including from emissions—plays a part," said Dr. Brent McNabb, one of the clinic's partners. "We work to educate our patients about this critical message and to show them that being more friendly to the planet has long-term benefits for all of us."

The newest way the office is carrying out its mission of "positively changing as many lives as possible . . ." is by supporting renewable energy through the Green Power Tomorrow program. Madison Chiropractic North's Leader level participation will save 28 tons of carbon dioxide and 19,150 tons of coal annually.

Joining the program is just the most recent in a long list of steps the practice has taken to be more environmentally conscious and energy friendly. Others include low-flow toilets, an energy efficient furnace, programmable thermostats and the installation of additional insulation and high-efficiency windows during a recent building update. The office also uses green cleaning supplies, has updated its lights to compact fluorescent fixtures and "recycles everything the City allows us to!"

"We felt that we couldn't afford not to support Green Power Tomorrow," said McNabb. "The additional charge is very minimal—the bill is about $20 higher a month—and these funds will play a critical role in expanding the industry and making renewable energy more affordable and available to everyone."
Thank you,
Madison Chiropractic North
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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