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The City of Madison is often praised nationally for being a smart, green city. That stems from City leaders and their strong commitment to the environment. The citywide MPowering Madison Campaign asks the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 tons by 2011. One way residents, businesses and the City are achieving that goal is by participating in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program.

The City of Madison increased its participation in 2009, purchasing 22% renewable energy for most City agencies including the Madison Water Utility, Overture Center, libraries and traffic signals. Some City facilities have gone above and beyond the City's 22% commitment. Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center and Madison Metro Transit each buy additional green power from MGE.

The City's efforts are making a major impact—eliminating the need to burn more than 10,256,000 pounds of coal per year and cutting carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15,000 tons annually.

"At the City, we are very committed to efforts that will help ensure clean, healthy conditions in the future," said Jeanne Hoffman, facilities and sustainable manager. "Supporting renewable energy is essential for accomplishing these goals."

The City is making a positive environmental impact beyond energy as well:

•Implementing a green purchasing and cleaning program.
•Requiring more stringent standards for emissions on fleet vehicles.
•Conserving energy with lighting and HVAC upgrades and adding insulation.
•Increasing its number of solar energy systems.

"The bottom line is that investing in renewable energy today is the right thing to do," Hoffman said. "It is the key to bringing down the cost in the future and preserving our environment for years to come."
Thank you,
City of Madison
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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