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Mark Porter, owner of a four-unit apartment building, knows small choices can have a big impact. He took the time to drive his recyclables to the Madison Recycling Center before the City started curbside pickup, upgraded windows at his building to make them more energy efficient and recently decided to join MGE's Green Power Tomorrow Program.

"I got a statement enclosure about the program and it got me thinking about how I could be part of something that benefits the whole community with very little effort on my part," said Porter. "And not only was it easy, it was also really inexpensive!"

Porter now gets 100% of his building's electrical power from renewable energy at an additional cost of roughly $3 a month. And by reducing his dependence on fossil fuels, Porter cuts his carbon dioxide by four tons a year and his coal usage by nearly 2,500 pounds.

"It's critical that we find alternate energy sources given the impact that fossil fuels have on global warming and their increasing scarcity," said Porter. "Green Power Tomorrow is a great way for each of us to do our part. I'm very happy to support the program and hope others will join me!"

Thank you,
Space for Living
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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