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Making a 100% commitment to renewable energy through the Green Power Tomorrow Program was a decision that made smart financial sense for Ken Sorge, president of Sorge CPA in Monona.

"It's very inexpensive relative to the benefits," said Sorge. "For a nominal amount of money, we can avoid pumping a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere and improve our carbon footprint."

Joining Green Power Tomorrow was just the latest in a long list of earth-friendly operating choices that Sorge has made in recent years. Others include sending documents via e-mail whenever possible, upgrading lighting to more energy-efficient choices and using an electronic eye in the parking lot that turns lights on or off in response to changes in natural light. The firm also installed window films to cut down on air-conditioning costs and has its eye on a more energy-efficient furnace for a future upgrade.

"A lot of what we're doing isn't anything really out of the ordinary, but we are working hard to educate ourselves and to find opportunities to be energy efficient," said Sorge. "We're excited that Green Power Tomorrow makes it possible for us to support renewable energy in our community."
Thank you,
Sorge CPA
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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