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Samba Brazilian Grill
Who says you can't have your fiesta and be green too? Diners who select the Samba Brazilian Grill for their next evening out will be glad to know the crew that's so obviously committed to ensuring their gastronomic and sensory delight is equally concerned with running an environmentally friendly business.

The latest example of this dedication is the restaurant's decision to join Green Power Tomorrow. "We all have to do what we can to reverse the ill effects we've had on our planet," said Joseph Tachovsky, Samba general manager. "Choosing wind power is an easy, affordable way that we can help care for the environment."

Housed in the well-known Women's Building that was constructed in 1907 and designated as a historic landmark in 2004, Samba transformed the building's latest incarnation—retail space—with a careful eye to both preservation and energy efficiency.

"In most places we took the building back to the studs, then updated everything to be more environmentally friendly," said Tachovsky.

The update included energy-efficient windows, programmable thermostats—including a three-time zone setting that allows the facility to increase/cut heat based on building occupancy levels throughout the day—and a unique water-heating system. "The compressors on our refrigeration equipment generate a huge amount of heat, and we installed a technology that allows us to use this typically wasted energy to heat our hot water," said Tachovsky.

The restaurant purchased used and refurbished equipment, dishes and utensils and makes everyday purchases with an eye to the environment. "We try to use recycled paper products whenever practical," said Tachovsky. "And we also buy as much of our fresh produce as possible from smaller, local vendors."

Environmental friendliness is an every day commitment at Samba. "We all have to do as much as we can to take care of the earth," said Tachovsky. "Green Power Tomorrow gives us an easy way to do our part."
Thank you,
Samba Brazilian Grill
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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