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Inner Fire Yoga® on Madison's west side encourages individuals of all ages to Reach Higher, Burn Brighter as it offers yoga classes, massage therapy and workshops.

Environmental consciousness is one of the studio's values – and a key reason this business participates in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program.

"Minimizing our carbon footprint is very important to us," said Marit Sathrum, owner. "We can do that by purchasing renewable energy for our studio. We spend a little more each month but feel the positive environmental impact is worth the investment."

"The Madison area's growing yoga community is environmentally conscious," Sathrum said. "Many people appreciate and some even expect us to operate as green as we can."

The Inner Fire Yoga studio was built with green features including an energy-efficient radiant heat system, recovery ventilators, reused building materials, sustainable cork flooring, environmentally friendly carpeting, low-flow toilets and energy-efficient lighting.

The studio uses biodegradable cleaning and laundering soaps and provides cloth hand towels at sinks. The on-site retail store sells nontoxic and organic products such as eco-mats, soy-based aromatherapy candles, organic yoga clothing and organic whole-food energy bars.

"We also encourage people to use refillable water bottles instead of plastic disposable bottles by selling BPE-free plastic Nalgene bottles in our store," Sathrum said. "We do sell bottled water, but we do not display it and we sell it at a high price point in order to discourage the use and purchase of disposable plastic bottles."
Thank you,
Inner Fire Yoga
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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