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The Rainbow Project
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The Rainbow Project
As a nonprofit dedicated to helping families with young children avoid or deal with the aftermath of trauma, The Rainbow Project Inc. has a nearly three-decade history of helping make the world a better place. "Every element in a system has an impact on everything else—whether you're talking about a family or the larger world," said Sharyl Kato, the center's executive director. "We work to create an environment where people understand this and make changes that are positive for them and everyone around them."

It's an attitude that made joining Green Power Tomorrow a logical choice.

"Supporting renewable energy is a small change that can make a huge, long-term difference for our entire community," said Kato. "As a nonprofit, it's critical for us to use our resources wisely. It's a win-win for us to be able to do our part to help the environment while prudently using our financial resources."

Renewable energy is just the latest way The Rainbow Project lives lightly on the earth. The group has always made a commitment to reusing and recycling—"We could give tips to companies who are just starting to do this!" shared Kato—and works diligently to create a comfortable, environmentally friendly work environment.

Efforts ranged from making phone-message pads out of recycled paper and copying on both sides, to turning out lights, lowering building temperatures, minimizing staff travel whenever practical and using real plants to improve indoor air quality. The agency also makes use of recycled toys, books and furniture and uses online resources for training.

"Supporting renewable energy sends a message to our families and the community at large that we value their long-term well-being," said Kato. "We recognize and appreciate how the actions of one person or group affect so many others and being part of Green Power Tomorrow is consistent with our overall philosophy."
Thank you,
The Rainbow Project
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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