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When your company is known as one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly bike manufacturers in the world, customer expectations are high for your commitment to green operations. Corporately owned Trek Bicycle Stores of Madison do not disappoint.

"Being concerned about the environment is just part of how we do business," said Sara Crass, marketing and operations manager for Trek's two Madison stores. "Our corporate-wide, green initiative touches every part of our company."

Wind power is an important part of that initiative. The company's Waterloo, Wisconsin, headquarters runs on wind power, and its Madison stores recently joined the Green Power Tomorrow program at the Leader level—which means 100% of their electricity now comes from renewable sources, mostly wind power.

Other earth-friendly steps taken at the store level include switching to reusable dishes and utensils in break rooms and cloth pull towels in restrooms, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, programmable thermostats and lowering store temperatures in the winter months.

The stores are also trying to purchase more environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable cleaning supplies.

Not surprisingly, more than 80% of the stores' employees bike to work each day. Biker-friendly amenities such as showers and bike racks make that an easy choice—as does an incentive program that offers credit toward Trek biking accessories for every mile biked.

Store employees reach out to the community with wellness programs, bike repair workshops and free classes every Saturday that encourage local residents to discover ways to live a more healthy and earth-friendly lifestyle.

"We're committed to walking the talk, so it was important for us to make this investment in renewable energy," said Crass. "If everyone makes small steps, imagine the impact we could have."
Thank you,
Trek Bicycle Stores of Madison
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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