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Lynn's of Madison
Lynn's of Madison is a specialty retailer that has been offering art and needlework supplies for nearly 30 years. The company also provides custom picture framing services. Lynn's of Madison serves a broad range of customers from art students to people of all ages who live in the Madison area and beyond.

"It is important to do what we can to protect the earth," said Lynn Halme, owner. "MGE's Green Power Tomorrow is a great vehicle for doing that. By paying a little more on our bill each month, we can power our business with electricity that comes from environmentally friendly, renewable sources."

By participating in Green Power Tomorrow, Lynn's of Madison is preventing 31 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

"Businesses should do their part and set an example," Halme said. "We are committed to leading that effort—we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously."

Customers appreciate Lynn's of Madison's decision to buy wind and solar power.

"They see our participation stickers and comment on it," Halme said. "It is great that customers see the value in this effort—maybe it will encourage them to step up also, but this does not drive our decision to purchase renewable energy from MGE. We would do it anyway."
Thank you,
Lynn's of Madison
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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