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imc DataWorks
- Leader
imc Dataworks
imc DataWorks provides a range of instrumentation for mechanical measurement, testing and control. The company serves manufacturers nationwide from the automobile industry to the wind power industry.

The company buys renewable energy from MGE for its technical services and sales facility in Madison.

"There are two primary reasons we made that decision," said Paul Nylander, owner. "From a business standpoint, we encourage alternative energy because that's where research is being done, and many of our customers are active in this area. It's wise to support our customers' efforts."

"On a personal level, it has always been our mission to support new technology—technology that is better for the environment and promotes conservation," Nylander added. "Green Power Tomorrow is a way we can make an impact on both levels."

imc DataWorks is committed to reusing materials when possible.

"We do a lot of shipping from this facility, and we intentionally purchase sturdy shipping boxes so they can be reused multiple times," Nylander said. "We make an effort to extend the life of materials and manage waste. If we can do something electronically, we will."

Thank you,
imc DataWorks
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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