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Planet Propaganda
The multimedia communication company Planet Propaganda bills itself as the point where art, commerce and culture intersect, and it could just as accurately add "environmental consciousness" to the mix. The company works with a large number of clients who have an earth-friendly attitude. It encourages its employees to find greener ways to operate. And Planet Propaganda recently made the decision to join Green Power Tomorrow.

"We're taking a look at every level of our operations and trying to make more environmentally conscious choices," said Kristina Jasmin of Planet Propaganda's accounting department. "Being part of Green Power Tomorrow is a smart—and easy!—change to make. We all need to do what we can to slow down global warming and green power is a logical choice."

Other changes have included a drive to go paperless, choosing reusable dishes and utensils instead of disposable ones and replacing bottled water with pitchers. Planet Propaganda is making the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs as current lamps burn out and now buys its coffee from a local roaster—whose employees deliver it by bike!

The account service staff is encouraged to conduct meetings via teleconference and video when possible and to bundle client meetings when road trips are necessary. "Our clients share our commitment to the environment so they're quite receptive to this," said Jasmin.

Planet Propaganda also encourages its employees to find car-free ways to get to work. "It's pretty easy because we're right on a bike path and there are showers in the basement," said Jasmin.

How would Jasmin encourage other businesses to be greener? "It's two-fold: 1) recognize that we each have to play a part in protecting our planet and 2) do the math. Being environmentally conscious doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Participating in Green Power Tomorrow costs us less than $10 more a month, and the steps that we've taken to reuse, recycle and minimize are actually saving us money."
Thank you,
Planet Propaganda
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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