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Gaylord Catering Service, Inc., is a full-service, off-premise caterer that has been serving greater Dane County for more than 45 years. The company offers breakfast, lunch and dinner selections for a range of events—from corporate functions to social gatherings. Gaylord provides the catering service for MGE's cafeteria.

The company recently shifted its focus to place a high priority on environmentally friendly practices.

"Let's face it, we need an alternative to fossil fuels so we can help preserve the environment," said Dave Chamberlain, owner. "MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program seems like the next logical step in this progression."

"I buy renewable energy for my home too," Chamberlain added. "It's time for everyone to step up and just do it."

Gaylord has switched from using Styrofoam dinnerware to products that are biodegradable and recyclable. The company uses plates that are made from sugar cane.

"We use many products and materials as we prepare and serve food. That means we can generate a lot of waste—and we want to control that as much as we can," he said. "Our decision to use environmentally friendly products is going a long way in helping us achieve that goal."

Gaylord is proud of its commitment to the environment and advertises it when possible.

Chamberlain said, "That dedication really matters to many customers—especially right here in Madison where taking care of the earth is a growing priority."
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Gaylord Catering Services Inc.
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