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When it comes to "green," Craig Patchin admits to being a bit cynical about its use as the marketing term du jour.

"Greenwashing has become so prevalent, that you really have to do your homework," said Patchin, president of Window Design Center, a Madison-based, full-service supplier of exterior doors and windows for residential and commercial customers. "Before we sign up for anything—whether it's offering a product or joining a program—we take the time to check it out."

MGE's Green Power Tomorrow is one program that recently made the grade. "We saw that companies we trusted had joined the program, so we looked into it and joined at the Leader level (100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources)," said Patchin. "Our country has lagged behind others in dealing with the implications of an oil-based economy, so we're excited to see a viable energy alternative. Wind is a great power resource that makes sense for our region. I actually think that wind farms are very attractive—they certainly beat watching billows of smoke!"

Supporting Green Power Tomorrow is just the latest example of the Window Design Center's commitment to sustainability. "We try to take a holistic approach—both in how we run our business and how we help our customers," said Patchin.

One of the biggest ways the company runs green is in product choices. "We select products from companies that have a long-term interest in waste management and recycling and provide products that offer true sustainability," said Patchin. "You can't just focus on the one or two numbers that give you a tax incentive: you have to look at a broad range of issues, including life cycle. Cheap windows that offer good energy numbers but end up in a landfill in 10 years are not green products."

To improve their own energy efficiency, the company is including an energy audit along with incorporating green design and materials in a new facilities upgrade project. The Window Design Center has long recycled both its office and shop materials and has fuel-efficient, shared company cars.

"We are looking for ways we can be part of the solution instead of the problem, and Green Power Tomorrow is a great example," said Patchin.
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Window Design Center
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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