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Happy Bambino is a one-stop boutique and resource center for eco-friendly, family-friendly baby products and information. More than 300 people attend group meetings and classes at the center weekly. Customers include pregnant women and families around the Madison area. People nationwide shop at Happy Bambino's online retail store.

As an eco-friendly business, Happy Bambino has been committed to green practices since it opened in 2004. That philosophy led the company to the Green Power Tomorrow program. Happy Bambino buys 100% renewable energy for its facility from MGE.

Happy Bambino considers every day to be Earth Day. The boutique offers a selection of gently used baby, children's and maternity clothing; products made without harmful chemicals; natural bath and body products and locally made items. The store also keeps packaging to a minimum by recycling baby shower bags and using paper bags rather than plastic at the register. Happy Bambino encourages cloth diaper use – and provides related materials and education.

The company moved to its new location on Monona Drive in January 2010. The "green" facility features environmentally friendly paint and natural cork floors with recycled glass accents. Compact fluorescent bulbs are used throughout the building. The staff also takes advantage of natural light from outside whenever possible and turns off equipment when it is not in use.
Thank you,
Happy Bambino
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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