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Trek Travel
Looking for an earth-friendly way to see the world? Consider traveling by bike! That's the premise behind Trek Travel, a company born from Trek Bicycles and one that takes its environmental commitment very seriously.

"Our business is centered on respecting the environment," said Mark Thomsen who heads up the company's online and green initiatives. "Supporting wind power is a huge part of that."

The company recently became a Green Power Tomorrow member at the Leader level, which means that 100% of its electricity is now provided by renewable energy. This change will cut more than 18 tons of carbon dioxide and 12,425 pounds of coal annually—all for the cost of roughly $14 a month.

"I actually heard about this at the residential level first. I made the switch at home and then investigated the commercial program," said Tania Worgull, Trek Travel president. "As a company that's all about being outdoors, it was an easy decision."

Being part of Green Power Tomorrow is just the latest example of Trek Travel's devotion to the environment. Its Green Spokes initiative drives ongoing efforts to improve practices both on trips and in its home office. On the road, Trek Travel takes a "leave no trace" approach that includes reusable dishes and utensils and carrying out all trash.

The home office is minimizing printing—all catalogs will soon be online-only—has switched to energy-efficient lighting and participates in a variety of carbon offset and bike/equipment recycling programs.

The company encourages employees to use non-car alternatives to get to work—biking is a popular choice!—and routinely solicits employee input for other green business ideas.

"Everyone here loves to bike and loves to be outside," said Thomsen. "Anything that we can do to help the environment just makes sense to us. Supporting wind power is such an obvious choice. We want to be leaders in the travel industry with environmentally friendly choices, and Green Power Tomorrow is an important way to do that."
Thank you,
Trek Travel
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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