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Broom Street Theater
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Broom Street Theater
Broom Street Theater bills itself as traveling "where other theaters fear to tread." The nonprofit theater also leads the way as a green enterprise, buying 100% renewable energy from MGE.

"An organization that presents socially conscious stage productions is naturally committed to being good citizens and community members," in the words of Artistic Director Callen Harty. "Being a nonprofit theater with a tight budget, we also like the low price," Harty added. MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program charges a premium of one cent per kilowatt-hour.

"We publicize the purchase of green power in our newsletter and put up the new Green Power Tomorrow poster," said Harty. "We want to help others learn how they can make a difference."

Broom Street Theater has been in continuous production since 1969. The group presents seven "alternative, experimental, original" productions a year, attracting theater-goers from Madison and the region. The theater depends on the efforts of 200 volunteer actors and stage technicians. With limited resources, Broom Street Theater pays close attention to conservation and recycling. Energy-saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs provide general lighting. Set materials are reused as much as possible.

"We see this as our chance to make a contribution to protecting the environment," said Harty.
Thank you,
Broom Street Theater
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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