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Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation
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Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation
Hoffman Manufacturing Corp. is a full-service retail store fixture provider. The company offers design and engineering, panel processing, metal fabrication, powder coating, assembly and distribution services at its 25,000-square-foot plant in Madison.

"We use a lot of energy at our facility, and we would rather have that energy produced by the wind than by fossil fuels," said Geoffrey Hoffman, president. "Doing that was as simple as signing up for MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program."

"Protecting the environment was the driving factor in our decision, but it is even more attractive when you consider that the price for renewable energy is not substantially more than the price for energy produced by more traditional sources," Hoffman said.

Hoffman Manufacturing follows other green practices throughout its facility.

"Instead of spray finishing, we decided to use a powder coating process," Hoffman said. "This method provides a durable, consistent finish to the product—and it is not harmful to the environment."

The company's 25 employees rigorously follow a strict recycling program. They also purchase many green materials.

"We promote our green efforts through signage and details on our Web site, so customers are aware of our green philosophy," Hoffman said. "But, it really comes down to our desire to do what we can to preserve the earth."

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Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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