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Standard Imaging, Inc.
Medical device manufacturers are known as innovators, so it's no surprise to find that Standard Imaging has taken an innovative, energy-efficient approach in its business. Standard Imaging's two-year-old facility integrates a host of LEED-inspired energy management strategies including a location that takes advantage of natural light and solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling, super-insulation and solar panels. And to round out its commitment to energy efficiency, Standard Imaging has subscribed to Green Power Tomorrow.

"We believe it's important to minimize the impact our company has on our surroundings," said Ed Neumueller, CEO and president of Standard Imaging. "Our energy choices, including our decision to support wind power, are a very important part of that."

In addition to being energy efficient, Standard Imaging is environmentally conscious in many other ways. "We've reviewed our manufacturing processes and tried to integrate green practices whenever practical," said Neumueller. "This includes local recycling efforts, efficient electrical use and minimizing lead-based components in our products to avoid landfill issues down the road."

The company has an energy-efficient air recovery and ventilation system, incorporated water gardens in the landscaping to minimize the impact of runoff and installed a low-flow shower for employees who use the nearby bike path to commute to work.

"It's critical to make decisions with an eye to the future, not just to the short-term," said Neumueller. "Consider environmentally responsible alternatives when you're upgrading equipment or analyzing your processes—the economic payback may be shorter than you think. It's important that we all do our part."
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Standard Imaging, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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